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Gia Lai Specialties is a gift shop founded by Gia Lai, wherein she sells gifts and edible treats which are exclusively for children. She claims to specialize in chocolates, toys, candies, and cookies. Most of her items are imported from various parts of the globe, particularly from China and Japan. Although the quality of her items is quite ordinary, she also offers a large variety of specialty items such as personalized baby bottles and hat macca gia photo albums with very cute pictures of kids.

Among her sweets are her signature “Choco” candies, which are extremely popular among children. These are available in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, caramel, mint, and coconut. “Mocha” candies are also offered, and these come in a great assortment of flavors such as banana, chocolate, and chocolate cake. The “Fruit Flavored” candies are her specialty, which are filled with fruits such as apple, lemon, and grape.

The most popular item in this shop is her specialties that are handmade. Her creations are made from a combination of fresh fruits, chocolates, and candies. Her candies are usually decorated with a range of molds such as clear, square, heart-shaped, flower cut, and jelly ring. Some of these designs are also customized with names or initials of the recipients. Some of her most popular items include:

Among her candies are two very unique collections that are worth buying. The first one is her “Books and Papers” collection, which is a gift set consisting of a book, a pen, and several notebooks. It comes with a gift certificate too, which allows the buyer to choose from a list of items that can be included in the set. The second one is her “Signed Versions” collection. With this set, a person will get a book, a pen, a notebook, and an album containing pictures and a letter from the receiver.

Her gourmet kitchen accessories are also a hit among customers. Among these items are small appliances that come in cute shapes and are usually shaped like a piece of cookie or cake. These appliances make cooking time faster and more convenient. Some of her small appliances are the microwave, a blender, a food chopper, a food sifter, a coffee maker, and a tea kettle.

Gia Lai also offers other types of candies and beverages besides her main line of candies. One of these is her “Fruit Flavored Lotion”. This product comes in different flavors such as peach, mango, apricot, and grape. This is not only a great add-on for your cupboard, but also as a great way to enhance your beauty by using all natural fruit fragrances.

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