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New Delhi: Due to the increasing corona infection in Delhi, now only 50 guests can be invited to weddings. The Delhi government had earlier increased this number to 200. Now that matters are increasing rapidly, the Delhi government sent a proposal to LG to call 50 guests instead of 200 guests, which has got their approval.

Only 50 people allowed in Delhi weddings:

Manish Sisodia has given this information. Manish Sisodia said that breaking news in uttar pradesh the Lieutenant Governor has approved the participation of 50 people in weddings. This was a necessary step because the more people gathered at one place, the greater the danger would be. Lockdown will not be imposed but people will have to be stopped from collecting large numbers.

Lt Gov gave approval:

Now only 50 people will be able to attend weddings. The Delhi government prepared its proposal and sent it to the central government for approval. On getting permission, the Delhi government has implemented these orders to prevent corona infection.

While giving this information on Tuesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that in some markets during Diwali, a lot of people were neither wearing masks nor following social distancing. Because of this, the corona spread too much.

On Tuesday, Arvind Kejriwal urged people to maintain social distancing. Since cases are rising in Delhi, we are sending a general proposal to Central Government, that if required, Delhi Govt can implement shutting down those markets for few days, where norms are not being followed and they are becoming a local Covid-19 hotspot,” Arvind Kejriwal said.

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