The Best Free Stats Sites for Sports Betting

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When it comes to sports betting, most people think that luck is the main factor behind a winning bet. Although luck might influence the chances of winning, you should never rely on luck alone. In fact, statistics are the kind of information every bettor should use to back up a bet. In this article, I’ll show different websites that offer free stats that you can use in sports betting. We’ll include both simple tools that cover basic stats and big gaming tools based on neural network prediction algorithms.

TheBookieHunter — Real-time stats, odds, and lines in live Football and Basketball games

This website specializes in live matches. They offer real-time stats, odds, and lines in live soccer games in over 200 countries. They offer both a basketball and a soccer panel that contains relevant statistic data of hundreds of live matches so you can take advantage of better lines and odds. Thanks to its massive database, you can customize the panels by switching from simple to advanced view and picking the last 3, 5, 10, 15, or more games for the stats calculation.

With the free version of TheBookieHunter, you can create a system for live matches by setting up your own filters based on goal line %, both teams to score %, clean sheet %, team average goals, corners, minute interval, match type, the favorite team losing and lots more. You can even receive personalized alerts and notifications of the games that match your filters to your Telegram account, so you don’t have to worry about following all the matches closely. However, alerts and notifications are available only in the paid version that starts at 15€/month.

Adamchoi — Corners, BTTS, and Overs in Football

Unlike the previous websites, Adamchoi focuses only on football, but it offers more data about corners, both teams to score, and over goals stats. For example, the following highlights the Arsenal’s matches with 10 corners or more in green and 9 corners or less in red. You can get the same data for the 25 popular leagues in the betting markets mentioned before.

Understat — Expected goals in Football

Traditional methods to predict the number of goals of a match involve analyzing factors such as the average goals of previous matches and the shots on target. However, that data doesn’t consider the range/distance of the shot, the difficulty of the shot, among others. This is why more and more sports analytics turn to advanced models like expected goals.

Expected goals (xG) is a predictive model used to assess goal-scoring chances and the likelihood of scoring, which can help you evaluate team and player performance. Understat offers on their website expected goals statistics for the top European leagues based on trained neural network prediction algorithms with a large dataset (>100,000 shots, over 10 parameters for each).

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