Epson Ink Jet Cartridges for Printing Your Own CD Covers

With modern technology just about anyone with a guitar or a piano, and a decent voice, can make a song on a shoestring budget, and with Epson Ink Jet Cartridges, you can make your own personalized THC Cartridges for Sale cases and covers too. After you’ve written down those lyrics and scratched out the words that just aren’t right, written and re-written, sung and played until your fingers are sore and your throat is dry, poured your heart into that perfect composition, doesn’t your song deserve its own personalized CD cover? Let these cartridges help promote the music you worked so hard to create.

Just like there are high-performance, D.I.Y. software programs to help you mix down the perfect tracks, there are also easy-to-use software programs that help you design and print your own music marketing materials too. You can’t get famous if no one ever hears your perfect song. Cartridges make printing CD covers from your own inkjet printer an affordable way to express your creativity on more than just a song.

Choose from several pre-formatted covers, and add your own artwork and font style. You can also choose from pre-loaded pictures and graphics. Make a positive visual impact for your music just as much as an excellent audible impression. These days, that is just as important as the music itself. Then, when you are all ready to print, just be sure you have your cartridges fired up and ready to go in your printer, and you can print your own CDs.

Ready to print a mix master or a sample CD to hand out to the few independently owned radio stations left on the planet? Print just a few at a time using your ink jet cartridges, or print up plenty and hand them out at your next gig or CD release party.

If you stock up on these cassettes when they are on sale, you can print enough CDs and CD jackets to hand out a large concert or charity event. Print business cards and fliers, lyric sheets, and band photos to go with your CDs and you can become your own one-man or one-woman marketing firm. Who said A&R was dead? Promote yourself, your band, or ensemble with personally created music materials, and skip the professional printers.

With ink jet cartridges, you can save a bunch of money on printing costs. Maybe even save up enough to buy that travel van, take the crew on the road, bring your printer, and take your music and music promotions nationwide. If you run low, you can always order more Epson cartridges on the road…and maybe pick them up in Nashville with your next Platinum record!

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